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The Woman Inside by E.G. Scott ~ Book Review

The Woman Inside Flatlay

The Woman Inside by E.G. Scott
Genre: Thriller
Release Date: January 22, 2019
My Rating: 🍪🍪🍪

I was beyond excited to jump into this read. The cover alone sent chills down my spine and the intrigue of a new author duo working in tandem was exciting (E.G. Scott is a pseudonym!). Two of my favorite thrillers I read last year, The Last Mrs. Parrish, and The Wife Between Us, were also written by author teams, so I had high hopes for my newfound ‘two brains are better than one at writing a psychological thriller’ theory. That being said, this book fell a little flat for me. Well actually it was more like the exact opposite of that, I felt like there was too much that was trying to happen.

The story follows Rebecca, who is fighting a daily battle with prescription drug addiction. Out of the gate, we see that she’s an unreliable narrator, more consumed with withdrawal symptoms and hatching a plan to get her next fix than on the reality of her life or relationships. She lives with her husband Paul, who she met when he was still in his first marriage, and who is now cheating on her with Sheila, a woman he met while on his daily walks with his dog as he dealt with unemployment. I need to take a moment to address the names in this book. Sheila and Sasha, really? Did it have to be two short S names that end with an A? I was constantly getting these two mixed up in my mind which led to a lot of flipping back and forth between pages. They seemed almost…. Interchangeable? (Okay, that might have been intentional).

The premise of the story revolves around Rebecca becoming increasingly suspicious about her husband’s behavior and convinced that he is planning to take their life savings and run away with another woman. When two women suddenly go missing from their town around the same time (surprise, it’s Sheila and Sasha!) two police officers are put on the case to investigate. Although I did love the witty banter between these men,  it didn’t really seem to fit within the flow of the rest of the book for me. I’m not sure if this was a result of the book being written by two authors with different writing styles, but delving from their sections back to Rebecca and Paul’s felt disjointed.

I did love the suspense in this book. As we learned the depth of Paul’s infidelity and Rebecca’s addiction I could feel their lives spiraling out of control, and I couldn’t flip the pages fast enough. I did not think the ending did the rest of the book justice. It was a huge twist, which I usually love, but I struggled to adjust my mindset to suddenly see Paul as a loving husband. There needed to be more insight into this earlier for me to really buy it. The final scene with Paul and Rebecca left me frustrated as well. It seemed too convenient. I wanted a confrontational scene, I didn’t want an easy out. Overall, I gave this book three stars because I couldn’t put it down, and it was very different from other domestic thrillers I have read, but in the big picture I just didn’t love it.

The Woman Inside with Hot Chocolate Cookies

This book is accompanied by Hot Chocolate Cookies. In an effort to use up the absurd amount of mini marshmallows I have somehow acquired, I added two of those to the top of each cookie instead of the marshmallow bits the recipe called for. I did like the addition, but if I were making these again I would definitely add the marshmallow bits as well. These cookies actually matched my feelings about the book pretty spot-on. They intrigued me and I really wanted to like them, but they were only okay.

My Book Rating: 🍪🍪🍪
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